Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer Break

I'll be taking the next two weeks off from blogging. I'm not taking a vacation (I wish!) but need more time to prepare for a busy fall season at Offramp Gallery. I'll be back on September 6.

I want to leave you with this video of Hans Silvester's photographs of the painted people of the Surma and Mursi tribes in Southern Ethiopia. The images transport me to a beautiful dream of summer which will have to suffice for a vacation for now. Enjoy!

Upcoming Events at Offramp Gallery

September 11 - October 9, 2011
Opening Reception, Sunday, September 11, 2-5pm
Artist's Talk, Vicissitude of Circumstance Book Signing & Closing Reception, Sunday, October 9, 2-5pm

September 2-4:
Offramp Gallery at FLAG STOP 2011: an alternative contemporary art event

September 11:
Opening Reception for Lisa Adams: Born This Way, 2-5pmOctober 2:
Panel Discussion: Sunday, October 2, 3pm

Sincerely Whose? Authenticity, Irony and Uncertainty in Contemporary Art

October 9:
Closing Reception for
Lisa Adams: Born This Way, 2-5pm
Book Signing for Lisa Adams's Monograph: Vicissitude of Circumstance, 2-3pm
Artist's Talk by Lisa Adams, 3pm

October 10-22:
Closed for installation

October 23:
Opening Reception for Susan Sironi:
New ABCs: Altered Books & Collages, 2-5pm

November 20:
Closing Reception for Susan Sironi:
New ABCs: Altered Books & Collages, 2-5pm
Artist's Talk by Susan Sironi, 3pm

November 21 - December 3:
Closed for installation

December 4-11:ArtZone 2011
Opening Reception: Sunday, December 4, 2-5pm
Closing Reception: Sunday, December 11, 2-5pm


  1. The "Painted People" pics rocked. Always enjoy yr blogs Jane. Make sure to take some time to get some R&R in. My best.


  2. Incredibly beautiful. Thank you for putting it up. Helen Tranckle

  3. Thanks Jane for sharing this intriguing video! Hope you do get a little R&&R in before summer end.